Ceramic tiles are made from a mix of products and fired through a kiln process. The glaze, or top level, defines the colour and pattern. Our range of ceramic tiles can be made to replicate natural surfaces such as wood or stone, or combinations of substances, such as concrete and stone. For a more cost-effective solution, ceramic tiles are a good option and are suitable for all domestic applications.

The introduction and constant updating of production technology have resulted in a multi-faceted product. For example, many of our Australian made ceramics have around ten faces (or variations) of the same tile. This is in contrast to the traditional, stamped ceramic tile.


A different firing process for porcelain results in a denser product with a lower moisture absorption rate. They are a tougher, more durable product and are virtually nonporous. Their production methods and manufacturing materials are reflected in their higher purchase price. Porcelain tiles are generally cut after firing, which leaves the end product with a sharp or rectified edge. This allows the tiles to be laid with a smaller grout joint. They are available in a range of finishes including matte, polished and anti-slip.


Mosaic tiles can add colour and style to any surface. They are easy to use and can fit into tight spaces because of their flexibility and size. A mosaic or decorative tile can add a personal touch to your project, whether it’s a swimming pool, bathroom, kitchen or any area that you want to add some character.

Tools and Products:

We’ve got all the tools, products and accessories you need for a complete tiling project. This includes glue, grout, render and the tools you need to use them. We can supply you with tools for cutting, spacing, cleaning and finishing. You can check out our list of suppliers at the bottom of this page.