1. Why tiles?

    Tiles are a durable choice of flooring, extremely suitable to climatic conditions in Central Australia. Tiles are not susceptible to staining or scratching.  They are easy to maintain, and non- allergenic. There is an endless variety of tile types, sizes and finishes available.

  2. What are shade and batch numbers for?

    Tile production is such that batches are created. Each box of tiles has a shade or batch number printed on it. Different batches may result in colour and size differences. It is important that all tiles used in the same room/area are the same batch.  It is, therefore imperative that enough tiles are ordered to complete a job, allowing for wastage and spares.

  3. How many tiles do I need?

    Tile quantities are measured in square metres. Once a room is measured, and any waste requirements considered, the measurement will be transposed into a number of boxes. Most of our suppliers will not split boxes, due to the ease of freighting whole boxes as opposed to single tiles. For this reason, most orders will be rounded up to the nearest box.

    We recommend that your chosen tiler measures the space.

    Additionally, it is advisable to keep a couple of spare boxes to alleviate disappointment in case of future need. It is unlikely that we will be able to source the same batch over a period of time. 

  4. DIY - Where do I start?

    As with most jobs, preparation is of utmost importance. The surface to be tiled needs to be level. Any raised areas will cause tiles to crack. Remove any high spots and fill in any low areas. If carpet, vinyl or vinyl tiles has been removed to make way for tiles, make sure adhesive residue is treated, and appropriate primers are applied.

    Concrete surfaces should be assessed prior to tiling. Steel trowel finished surfaces may require appropriate primers to adhere to a burnished finish. 

  5. What are the Terms and Conditions of Sale?

    Once an order is placed, you will be given an estimation of time required by us to fulfil your requirements. We do carry stock, so this may be a quick process. However, due to our remote location, it could be up to two weeks to receive and consolidate the order. (longer for overseas or special order)

    While all care is taken to maintain quality, it is ultimately the customer who needs to do a manual check of tiles before installation occurs.

    No claims can be recognised after the tiles are laid.